Changing Relationships

So maybe you’re pregnant. Or already have children. Perhaps you are thinking about children. This post is for you. A baby changes everything. After a lengthy period on a boat, it takes your legs a little while to recoup and remember how to walk on dry land again. This is what having a baby is […]

Gender disappointment and equality

I was messaged and asked to discuss gender disappointment and today feels the right day to do that. Before I got pregnant, I had always said how much I would love to have sons. As soon as I got that positive result I just knew that meant I’d have a girl. I wasn’t disappointed. My […]

Radio silence

Apologies for the huge gap between posts. I have been extremely busy fumbling my way through parenthood. Matilda turned 6 months old on Thursday and I have been thinking about returning to blogging from a place of being slightly more sane. The topic for tonight is COMPARISON Women in particular are guilty of this. Our […]