Changing Relationships

So maybe you’re pregnant. Or already have children. Perhaps you are thinking about children. This post is for you. A baby changes everything. After a lengthy period on a boat, it takes your legs a little while to recoup and remember how to walk on dry land again. This is what having a baby is […]

Labour Disappointment

**warning** birth story in post I apologise in advance if this post comes across in any way as whiny. I realise how very lucky I am to have a happy healthy baby at the end of the whole process but labour itself was somewhat of a disappointment. I spent a considerable period of time after […]

My gunt

So to start with let me explain (for those who don’t know) what a gunt is. Not exclusive to new mums, a gunt is an amalgamation of gut and … lady garden. It’s the saggy pooch of skin that hangs down below your belly button. Anyone who snapped back into their pre-pregnancy jeans without a […]