My name is Nic. I’m 28 years old. Married. Unable to adult without referring to Google or OH for some kind of reassurance that I’m doing just fine. I can even cook asparagus. Not well but you can’t taste food via Instagram!

I had baby girl Matilda Wren in Feb of 2016 and my world has shrunk and exploded all at the same time.

I miss adult company until I see adults and then I remember that I’m really not that much of a people person. This blog will be confessional in nature and I will also rate and review items I buy! I’ll share my life my loves and probably more info about my toilet habits than is strictly necessary

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    • Hi thank you that’s very kind. I’m very new to all of this! I will be following back. I have anxiety also so feel like coming home reading your experiences with OCD as I have a lot of compulsive traits!

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      • I’m happy that my sharing is helpful. I post about anxiety every Thursday. There’s an amazing community of mental health bloggers here. I’m so glad that i found them. It really makes such a difference just knowing others go through something similar. 🙂


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