My gunt

So to start with let me explain (for those who don’t know) what a gunt is.

Not exclusive to new mums, a gunt is an amalgamation of gut and … lady garden. It’s the saggy pooch of skin that hangs down below your belly button.

Anyone who snapped back into their pre-pregnancy jeans without a hint of sag or stretchmarks – you can stop reading now.

Matilda turned back to back when I was 36 weeks pregnant. I was all swollen ankles and a tube map of stretchmarks. And so, so, so hairy.


This is when my round bump suddenly deflated below my belly button. It left a squishy dough like patch of skin. 8 weeks pp it’s still there – inconveniently just hanging over my caesarean scar.

This means that everyone who wants to look at my caesarean scar has to get me to lie down and lift my stomach up. And I thought the indignity ended with childbirth? Yeah. Right. I reopened a small patch of my scar and was told I had to stop it from getting sweaty. Mortifying. Two problems. 1) I’m not sure who finds the time to lie down holding their stomach up for an hour twice a day – even without a newborn. 2) my anxiety and nerves coupled with hormones had me in pools of sweat for weeks! So here I am on antibiotics again. Ugh.

Now you know about my gunt- onto the topic for today. Summer holidays. We have a few trips to look forward to this summer – Crete in May is the first. I have nothing that fits. Not without highlighting the gunt. Matilda on the other hand has a wardrobe to DIE for. Including these gorgeous pram shoes purchased from a fab online shop Lily Loves Bows. They have some gorgeous pieces and I look forward to getting some more for Tilda.


I imagine I’ll be packing a wardrobe of oversized sacks to hide away under. I’ve been walking miles and miles every day (to escape the claustrophobic I’d previously blogged about here) but whilst I’m losing weight, the gunt remains.

I would like to write a body confident post. I hope one day I can. But this is not that day. I will be scouring WordPress for postpartum weightloss blogs and will be looking for a guest blogger at some point.

I decided to overhaul my diet. It’s going fairly well. In the post-partum blur of the last 8 weeks our diet has been carb laden and mostly ready meals. I’m convinced it’s added to my feeling sluggish. But now we’re finding our feet with this parenting malarkey and it’s time to start eating right.


Cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers and garlic. With a dash of white wine (it would be rude not to).

To update on Matilda post vaccinations – she’s slept most of today but is now feeling much better.


I think we’re doing just fine.


3 thoughts on “My gunt

  1. Oh my, those shoes are too cute! I wish all of my little girl’s clothes came in my size, they have such lovely stuff! If you’re only 8 weeks post partum, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re body has been through so much in last 11 months, I read it can take 9 months at least to recover! Good move with diet changes though, we’ve been making real effort to eat “proper food” and feel so much better for it. Hope you’re holiday is amazing!


    • Thanks! I would probably the “that mom” who put us all in matching clothes. At least until a poonami – she always poops when I put her in white! Yeah you’re right. 9 months in = 9 months off. I just really struggled with my body while pregnant. I didn’t “glow”


  2. I think this post is absolutely phenomenal. So funny and SO honest. That little face at the end made me think….And that’s why its all worth it! (Took me 2 years to lose all the baby weight by the way and my stomach looks like a map as well.)


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